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The African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) is a connectional body, tracing its origin to 1787, in Philadelphia, PA, with the establishment of the first Black-owned and governed religious organization.  After the Free African Society was formed, in 1816, the AMEC was officially incorporated.  In 1844, as the AMEC spread to the Deep South, the “Mother Church” established was Historic St. James.  We are proud of our history, and in keeping with the social justice-oriented focus of the AMEC, we are equally proud of our various ministries that represent our present.

You are always welcome at Historic St. James AMEC, the church where we profess and show that #GodisLove!

Continued Blessings,


The Rev. Jonathan C. Augustine, JD, MDiv

Senior Pastor       


Pastor’s Reflections

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    It was a pleasure to join Episcopal Church Bishop Russell Kindrick, and the Commission on Racial Reconciliation of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast, to give a presentation on racial reconciliation in local communities. Indeed, racial reconciliation should be lead by the Christian Church.

    The rector and staff at All Saints Episcopal Church, in downtown Mobile, Alabama, were amazing hosts for a candid discussion. The Day of Pentecost–the birthday of the Christian Church–was a day where the greatest diversity of inclusion manifest around the common cohesiveness of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, that day–described in Acts 2–was the date Jesus’ charge to Peter (“on this rock I will build my church”) came to fruition (see Matt. 16:13-18). In this day and age, where communities are struggling with racial and social divisions, the church is again called on to be a catalyst in returning people to the unity of community that was born on the Day of Pentecost.

    We are all called on to do our parts in protecting and preserving the legacy of Jesus’ church! We are ALL sons and daughters of Abraham and we serve one God!

    The. Rev. Jonathan C. Augustine
    Senior Pastor, Historic St. James AME Church
    New Orleans, LA

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