HSJ tutors are certified professional educators AND subject matter experts focusing on standardized assessments and ACT strategies.
• Small group and individual tutoring sessions
• LEAP 2025 Practice Test-taking strategies
• Pretest and Posttest data analysis
• Analysis and discussion of standardized assessment guides and guidance
• Integration of graphic organizers to guide various writing genres with outline creation, drafting, and revising
• Internet access
• Social and Emotional (SEL) training and activities
HSJ Community Tutoring Services offers flexible tutoring services to students in 4th grade to 12th grade who have been impacted by COVID-19. Students are required to take a pretest and posttest and remain in the program for the entire 8 weeks to receive the full scholarship.

Our certified staff dedicates themselves to the safe, quality, genuine care of your children. All tutors are trained with data disaggregation and research-based instructional practices.

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